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About Us

Vkusnaya marka – is not just another brand, it is a spirit of multiple generations of farmers, it is a family tradition, selected golden recipes passed from parents to their children.

I got this gift from my father and I hope to pass it to my sons.

We are totally meticulous about our every-day job, when we receive and process fresh meats from the local Tambov farmers. Those meats are used in production of our ready-to-cook meals and delicacies.
We do things fast and put our heart and soul into our work to deliver fresh produce to our customers, so everyone can experience our quality.

YES, we are producers! And we are proud of it. Production goes beyond selling products.

Every new produce that we make – is a benefit for our customers and a hope for us to be duly appreciated. Your choice and love of our products give us wings! Your feedback is a springboard for our development!

We are eager to live and grow as long as there are people with good taste who need us! You must give our products a try.